Discover Ilocos Sur’s Hidden Natural Gems

Travel Philippines

Dec 21, 2020

While most tourists visit Ilocos Sur for its heritage sites, it also has several locations every nature lover would enjoy. With the province being bordered by a mountain range and a sea, there’s no shortage of natural wonders that would leave you speechless!

As they are hidden gems, many of them will take some travel time from the capital city of Vigan. But the journey is more than worth it—what lies ahead are stunning landscapes that surround you with the Philippines’ natural beauty mixed in with Ilocos Sur’s unique charm.

Whether it’s twin waterfalls cascading in unison or towering rock formations seemingly cut into two, Ilocos Sur is full of surprises. After immersing yourself in the province’s rich history, make sure you find room to visit one of its hidden natural gems!

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