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Oct 28, 2020

Need a break from the beach? Why not explore a sprawling mountain city that is beloved by foodies, art-lovers, and more tranquil travelers. Also called the Summer Capital of the Philippines or the City of Pines, Baguio receives the freshest and cheapest fruits and vegetables from surrounding valleys that are yours for the taking in its lively city market and, not to mention, its quirky restaurants and coffee shops.

Traveling the Philippines can be both fun and safe! Be sure to abide by the local health guidelines to keep you, your family, and the community healthy and happy.


There’s so much to enjoy in ‘The Summer Capital’ of the country! From picnics with a view to artsy excursions and shopping for a bargain, Baguio has fun activities for you and the whole family. Read on for a peek at what this mountain city has to offer!

Baguio City Market

If you are on the hunt for the freshest (and cheapest!) fruits and vegetables, this is the place to be! There is an abundance of choices when it comes to fresh produce, pasalubong for your friends and family, and trinkets you can add to your collection! Plus, you can buy coffee beans from different parts of the Philippines - Arabica from Sagada, Benguet’s signature roasted beans, Barako, and even hazelnut and soya! - and they can grind it right in front of you while you wait, or search for more finds!

Mines View and Burnham Parks

Fresh and cool breeze with a view to boot? Take a stroll and let yourself be enchanted with the scenic row of mountains at the Mines View Park! Or immerse yourself in a quick cardio with a bicycle ride and a paddle at the swan lake in Burnham Park. The best part? You can treat yourself to delicious snacks there too, like the must-try strawberry taho—the city’s spin on a Filipino classic!

Tam-Awan Village

A trip to Baguio isn’t complete without a dose of art and culture. Make sure to visit Tam-Awan Village to find a new appreciation for Cordilleran art and artists.

Strawberry Picking

Your Baguio Trip will be incomplete without a day spent in strawberry picking! Experience the fields of strawberries alongside the Ibaloi farmers at nearby La Trinidad, Benguet on your next visit.

Be sure to abide by the local health guidelines to keep you, your family, and the community healthy and happy.


Inspired by the abundance of fresh, delicious produce, Baguio has been a treasure trove for foodies from time immemorial! Add to that a homey ambience and the cool mountain breeze, you’re sure to find a satisfying meal that leaves you cozy and content in this mountain city. Here are a few favorites to add to your must-eat list!


Did you know that Baguio was developed by the Americans to be a summer retreat spot, a respite from the intense tropical heat? As such, you’ll find good ole American food like burgers, ribs, and more in various restaurants, including vintage diners and log cabins!

International Flavors

Filipinos being such foodies, a number of delectable restaurants of different cuisines have opened in Baguio, from French and Spanish to Greek or Chinese, and various fusions! Some have even won international awards for their delicious dishes. So don’t miss an around-the-world food trip in this charming mountain city!

Vegetarian Restaurants

Being the “Vegetable Bowl” of the Philippines, Baguio City also offers restaurants that cater to the healthy veggie-lovers. Try out some of the delicious vegetarian restaurants, some with interesting interiors, lovely views, and even some local art!

Restaurants on Session Road

Session Road holds so much history and stories from locals and tourists alike! Here you will find some of the oldest restaurants of various cuisines. Love sweets and desserts? You cannot miss the classic Strawberry Shortcake and the Ube Cake! Feel all your senses at work as you stroll along its bustling roadway, filled with music, thrift shops, and hole-in-a-wall gems for shoppers and foodies!

Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Believe it or not, the Philippines used to be a top exporter of coffee in the late 1880s! Today, while the country isn’t as known for its coffee culture, the country still has a number of beans and roasts to be proud of… including those produced in the Cordillera Region! In Baguio, you’ll find many local coffee shops to give you a taste of the local brew. Once you’ve found a cup you absolutely love, you can buy the roasted coffee beans in cafes or even in the Baguio City Market! Not a fan of the caffeinated drink? There’s something for you, too! Tsokolate or hot chocolate from this region is extra delicious. Paired with the cool weather, it’s perfect with a side of ensaymada or cake!

Pasalubong and Sweet Snacks

Pasalubong is a Filipino word that describes the souvenirs you purchase as gifts for family and friends back home. In each vacation destination, there are a number of sweet snacks that visitors must take home for their loved ones. In Baguio? It’s either creamy ube jam, peanut brittle, alfajor, or all of the above! Make sure you have extra for yourself, too, to munch on while leaving Baguio City through its long winding roads.

Keep yourself and the local community safe, especially when dining out for a delectable meal. Make sure to follow the local health guidelines for restaurants in the city!


Luxury Hotels

Choose from many luxury hotels to make your stay in Baguio extra special!

Budget Hotels

Travelling on a budget? Baguio has many, many options for you from budget hotels to homestays!

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