Intro to Ilocos Norte

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Feb 24, 2022

Take your pick among the different adventures that await you at Ilocos Norte! Exploring the province is best by land to get the most out of its stunning topography and picturesque views.


Combining the best of natural landscapes and man-made wonders, Ilocos Norte seeks to captivate every traveler with its historical charm.

Connect with the natural wonders

Ilocos Norte is blessed with a rich topography full of man-made natural wonders inviting you to explore the best of land, air, and water. Whether it’s marveling at the Kapurpurawan Rock Formations, exploring the majestic Bangui windmills, or walking along the pebbled beaches of Pagudpud, Ilocos is sure to amaze you with its stunning landscapes.

Catch a perfect wave in land and water

Thanks to its topography and climate, surf-ready waves beckon you to hang ten in Pagudpud’s glorious tropical paradise. But when it comes to surfing, who says you are limited to just the water? Ilocos Norte offers surfing-aficionados the opportunity to ride down the magnificent La Paz and Paoay Sand Dunes, too!

Walk through wondrous historical sites

Take a trip down memory lane walking the streets of Ilocos Norte, taking in the splendor of old churches and bell towers! To really get to know the history and culture of the region, visit Taoid Museum located at La Tabacalera Lifestyle Center which showcases the pre-colonial side of Ilocandia and its Cordilleran roots. Being neighbours, Ilocos Norte, and the Cordilleras have established a good connection that exists up to this day. And don’t dare miss a wondrous food trip with the distinct Ilocano Cuisine. Their food tells of the history of their land and people, too!


Wherever your cravings may take you, let your tastebuds embark on an exotic culinary ride with the best offerings of Ilocos Norte and Ilocano Cuisine!

Ilocano Specialty Dishes

Your Ilocos Norte adventure continues on at the lunch table with delightful treats for meat-lovers! A popular meaty pork dish is the Bagnet, deep-fried crispy pork cracklings best dipped in a sauce of bagoong and calamansi, and served with a cold beer. This crispy-skinned wonder goes perfectly with the classic Pinakbet, one of the must-trys for any visitor. Pinakbet is a traditional Filipino meat stew coupled with boiled vegetables and shrimp paste.

For a snack, you cannot go wrong with an Ilocos Empanada which is widely recognized in the country, the oldest known Empanada maker is from Batac City and she goes by the name of Glory. These empanadas are so famous, they even have a festival every December 22 to celebrate them!

Flavorful Vegetable Bites

For a traditional Filipino vegetable dish, you have something to savor in the Poqui Poqui! This is the perfect side dish made with grilled eggplants and scrambled eggs, sautéed with garlic, onions, and tomatoes. Top it off with the signature fish sauce called Patis.

The Dinengdeng looks just as beautiful as it tastes! This traditional soup-like vegetable dish is made with a variety of boiled vegetables and seasoned with bagoong, a salty fish sauce. Served either with grilled or fried fish on top, you will definitely have a tasty mouthful with this!

Exotic tropical desserts

Along the roads of Ilocos Norte, stop by the various stalls to grab a taste of the dragon fruit. This vibrant magenta fruit is a local favorite and can be enjoyed in various forms like jams, ice creams, and other pastries. The Ilocanos even hold a festival every July inside the REFMAD farm in Burgos to celebrate this beautiful fruit.

Another dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth is the Dudol — an Ilocano dessert (Also known for being a staple snack) with rice flour, coconut milk, sugarcane juice, and anise. Sweet and sticky, enjoy this treat after a jam packed day of exploring!


Ilocos is a popular tourist spot and therefore has a lot of establishments for visitors. Whether you pick north or south, you’ll be able to see hotel options that will suit your budget and taste.

Provincial Homestays

What better way to experience the natural charm of Ilocos Norte than staying with the locals themselves! These homestays provide a comfortable place to wind down after a long adventure amidst a relaxing, provincial backdrop.

Budget-friendly Hotels

Whether backpacking across the region or traveling in groups, Ilocos Norte offers homey accommodations that are easy on the pocket! You can also find your home away from home with cozy stays coupled with a strong serving of world-class Filipino hospitality.

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