Palawan: The Best in Island Luxury for Life’s Defining Moments

Travel Philippines

Sep 21, 2020

There are milestones in our lives that deserve a truly breathtaking getaway and a taste of island luxury. For those life-defining moments, Palawan comes fully prepared to disarm and charm.

Book yourself in one of the world’s finest and most exclusive island resorts in Pamalican Island, where you will need to take a private flight and land right on the island itself—no other land transfers needed. Attendants will lead you to your own private villa that has its own slice of the pristine, powdery-white shoreline, where you are assured of absolute privacy and anonymity. (It’s no wonder why this is a favorite of even some Hollywood A-listers!) And since you are located right in the middle of Sulu Sea, part of the experience can be a sunset cruise on a pontoon boat, where you can marvel at the golden seascape as a prelude to popping a question or popping some celebratory champagne. (Or both!)

If you’re looking for the world’s best in both luxury and sustainability, El Nido is the place to be. Here, you will have your pick of five-star resorts that care deeply about their environmental footprint as they do about treating you like royalty. You can arrange for private dinners in the resort, on a raft out in the sea, or on a secluded but highly secure island. Your menu will have the freshest greens, crustaceans, and ingredients—but sustainably sourced. For guests who want to immerse themselves in El Nido’s rich biodiversity, low-impact marine activities are available without any motorized equipment, to help protect the environment while giving guests the best the island can offer.

Traveling solo? You can definitely enjoy all these and indulge yourself to your heart’s content. While the day away on island-hopping tours that transport you to a completely different world; enjoy your share of lobsters, crabs, and other fresh and fine specialties; and commune with nature by kayaking in the lagoon. Or, consult with local guides to see the islands through the eyes of French explorer and filmmaker, Jacque Cousteau, who explored El Nido and called it “the most beautiful place he had ever explored.”

Your life’s defining moments should be nothing short of magical. For all these, you deserve only the best of Palawan.

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