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Intro To Palawan


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Oct 09, 2020

The most beautiful place according to renowned French explorer Jacques Costeau, Palawan is home to awe-inspiring paradise islands and islets that transport you to a fantasy world. Palawan fuses the natural and the sublime with its coral-fringed dreamscapes, its majestic karst limestone cliffs, its wind-swept shorelines, its pristine sandbars, and, for the most intrepid travelers, other well-kept island secrets. Whether you’re looking to get away in style or have an adventure of a lifetime, Palawan will have gems in store for you.

Things to Do

If you're looking for the best that nature has to offer, Palawan delivers in more ways than you can count. Find clear waters, sharp cliffs, and lots of wildlife across Palawan’s three tourist hotspots.

Cruise Through an Underground River

If you’re in Palawan, you can’t miss the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, which is exactly what you think it is -- a river hidden beneath a deep cave! This UNESCO World Heritage Site features jaw-dropping stalactite and stalagmite formations as well as a large number of animals, from bats to birds to turtles.

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Hop Around El Nido’s Islands

For island hoppers, El Nido offers an experience like no other. From its clear lagoons and secret beaches to its lush forests and historic caves, El Nido’s islands have a lot to offer. You can’t go wrong with a tour around the Bacuit Archipelago -- there’s no better way to feel one with Palawan’s nature!

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Dive Into Coron

For those who want to get in the water instead of just cruising through it, Coron’s dozens of lakes, lagoons, and beaches are the best Palawan has to offer. Find historical wreckage sites and colorful corals when you dive in the Skeleton Wreck, and swim in one of the clearest waters in the world in Kayangan Lake.

Food And Drinks

The one-of-a-kind Palawan experience extends to the dinner table with its fresh and unique delicacies.

Fresh, Delicious Seafood

With all of Palawan’s beautiful seas, you might expect that they also have the best seafood to offer. Thankfully, Palawan’s restaurants don’t disappoint, as you’re never several minutes away from a good seafood restaurant when you’re in Puerto Princesa. Make sure you try the lato seaweed!

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Take a Sip in the Beach

Level up your beach experience with a fresh smoothie, the go-to way to cool off under the Palawan sun. Surround yourself with the waves and the sand with a watermelon shake in your hand!

Feast of “Worms

If you want to get a little more adventurous, don’t miss out on the tamilok, a “woodworm” that is actually a type of mollusk found in Palawan’s mangroves. Many small cafeterias and upscale restaurants around Palawan offer tamilok either completely fresh or as a marinated dish, so pick your poison!

Chill Nights

Beautiful Palawan days turn into chill Palawan nights thanks to the quaint cafés and lounges near El Nido’s beaches. Those looking for a more lively mood have many bars and pubs to choose from in Puerto Princesa!


Booking a night in Palawan is just like booking a night in paradise. Make sure you find the perfect resort or hostel to complete your perfect trip!

Resorts in Paradise

Palawan’s unparalleled beauty translates well into its numerous beach resorts. Whether they’re a few steps away from El Nido’s white-sand beaches or Coron’s adventurous seas, dozens of luxury resorts dot Palawan’s tourist hotspots.

Fantastic Hotels

You don’t have to go all the way to the beach to find the best accommodations in Palawan. Many five-star and budget hotels in Puerto Princesa are available for those who want to stay in the city. Most of these hotels also have some of the best meals Palawan has to offer!

Palawan In Photos

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