Enjoy Solo, Soulful travel in Bohol

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Oct 29, 2020

Solo travel isn’t for everyone, but for those who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life—or who want to “eat, pray, love” their way out of a heartache or into a rite of passage—Bohol is one of the best places for such a soulful sojourn. Here’s why.

  • There are lovely accommodations to fit every budget.

From the five-star resorts along Panglao’s white-sand beaches to the quaint bed and breakfasts in other parts of Panglao Island, solo travelers will find a wide range of accommodations that check all the basic must-haves but also go beyond these in terms of comfort, charm, accessibility, and hospitality.

  • It’s relatively easy to get around Panglao Island on your own.

From the newly opened Bohol-Panglao International Airport, Panglao Island’s resorts are just a stone’s throw away via taxi or resort shuttle. And even if you decide to do some quiet exploring on your own, you’ll often find tricycles, motorbikes, or other vehicles for hire that are reasonably priced and safe. Do check the Municipal Tourism Office, located in Dauis - Panglao Rd, for local information.

  • Quaint Boholano and foreign restaurants mean your tastebuds can travel beyond the island.

Relish Bohol’s very own organic vegetables and specialty ice creams, fresh seafood, and native delicacies. You’ll also find unique culinary delights from different parts of the globe in many restaurants—such as Italian buffalo mozzarella and specialty cheeses, Russian-Greek specialties, Spanish tapas and paella. These, aside from many other Boholano dishes, offer you a smorgasbord of culinary surprises for your entire stay!

  • You can also just laze back and do nothing.

Bohol’s laid-back charm means there is absolutely no pressure to engage in water sports, nature trekking, island hopping, or anything that requires more than stretching out on a hammock or a lounge, and reading a book while sipping a shake, a cocktail, or some native tsokolate. You can also pamper yourself with some resorts’ signature massages and knead the tension right out of your system, giving your mind, body, and soul the space and me-time they deserve.

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