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Bangui Windmill Farm

Experiencing a sustainable form of tourism does not need to be expensive! Known as the first windfarm in Southeast Asia, Ilocos Norte’s beautiful Bangui Windmill Farm is a must-see. With 26 turbines to date and counting, the Ilocos Region’s first and largest wind farm is a magnificent sight to behold.

What to expect

Imagine seeing a row of windmills dotted along a majestic shoreline facing the West Philippine Sea. That is the exact picture you get when visiting the Bangui Windmill Farm! Dubbed as Ilocos Norte’s “giant electric fans”, these windmills face the sea to capture the strong northwesterly and southwesterly winds blowing inward the Ilocos Norte.

Started in 1996, each windmill stands in the hilly area 80m tall lines up across 9km of the black sand beach in the Bangui Bay Shoreline. When combined, these windmills generate 40% of Ilocos Norte’s electricity needs, this energy goes directly to NGCP Laoag. Harnessing the region’s natural topography to create wind energy and being an iconic Ilocos Norte landmark? Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

If being both a clean and green tourist attraction isn’t enough, the best part is the free entrance fee to the wind farm!

Where to experience it

Located 52km from the city of Laoag, the Bangui Windmill Farm is best viewed during the day.

A drive to the farm begins at Laoag City which passes through the Pan-Philippine Highway/AH26. You will pass by Cape Bojeador and the Burgos Wind Farm. Make a left turn a few kilometers after passing by the Burgos Wind Farm. Drive straight ahead until you reach Estrells Place Resort, then turn right.

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