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Hiking and Trekking in El Nido

The “heaven on Earth” that is El Nido has more to offer beyond its idyllic islands, world-class beaches, and crystal clear waters. For those who prefer to experience its terrestrial beauty, El Nido offers several hiking and nature trails for both casual and professional hikers alike. Enjoy a different side of El Nido while continuing to bask in its unparalleled natural wonder.

What to expect

The most popular trail in the town is Taraw Cliff, the highest peak of El Nido. Guided tours offer either the complete hiking experience for adventurous tourists or a more scenic route in the El Nido Canopy Walk. Awaiting both types of climbers is a gorgeous view of the entire bay, with its jaw-dropping limestone cliffs and clear-blue waters.

Beyond Taraw Cliff, there are several other trails that dot El Nido, each with their own rewards at the end. Various waterfalls surrounding El Nido such as Nagkalit-kalit and Bulalacao require long hikes to reach, and you will be treated to picturesque views and even natural pools where you can swim your worries away. At the end of your hike to the Ille Caves you’ll find a piece of ancient Palawan history, the site of several artifact discoveries and even evidence of tigers roaming the country millions of years ago!

Wherever your next hike may be, you’ll be sure to find another piece of what makes El Nido heaven on Earth.

Where to experience it

Tourists who flew in to Palawan from Puerto Princesa Airport will need to take a van to get to El Nido, which will take around 5-6 hours. There are also charter flights that fly directly to El Nido if you’re coming from Manila, Cebu, Puerto Princesa and other Philippine destinations.

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