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Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

The Philippines is filled to the brim with natural masterpieces, and Ilocos Norte is no exception. Located at the north of the province is the Kapurpurawan Limestone Formation, a work of geological art that would leave every nature loving tourist speechless. With its distinctively white surface and unique shapes, the Kapurpurawan Limestone Formation is a must-see for anyone who wants to see the best of what Ilocos Norte’s environment has to offer.

What to expect

When you arrive at the site, you will need to take a short hike to get to the actual formation. Don’t worry, your hike will take you through various picturesque landscapes, from lush greeneries to natural pools.

Serving as the grand finale are the rock formations themselves, which are made of white limestones sculpted over thousands of years. They overlook both the sea and the nearby windmills, creating a picture-perfect scene. Walking through the towering structures will make you feel like you’re being embraced by nature!

If you want to experience Ilocos Norte’s natural beauty, make sure you don’t miss the Kapurpurawan Limestone Formation!

Where to experience it

The Kapurpurawan Limestone Formation is located in the municipality of Burgos. If you’re coming from Laoag City, it will take you around an hour of land travel to get to the attraction.

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