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Loboc River Cruise

Nowhere is Bohol’s tranquil appeal better captured than in Loboc River. Located in southern Bohol, Loboc River’s distinctly green but crystal clear water surrounded by towering trees is a sight to behold. And as you cruise through the river on a large wooden boat—which doubles as a buffet area for your tour—you’ll find a fascinating mix of natural, historical, and cultural wonder.

What to expect

The Loboc River Cruise takes you through a calm journey through the river, where you’ll have many opportunities to appreciate Bohol’s natural beauty. Whether it’s the river’s unique charm or the lush forests surrounding it, Loboc River is a lovely destination for all nature lovers!

At the middle of the cruise you’ll find Busay Falls, a small but impressive-looking set of waterfalls surrounded by Bohol’s lush greenery. It also marks the halfway point of your cruise—boats will turn around and sail back to the port after arriving at Busay Falls.

The cruise also takes you through a journey back in time, as you’ll find what remains of Loboc Church, the second oldest church in Bohol, overlooking the river. All your sightseeing will be accompanied by musical performances from Bohol locals, both in the boat and throughout the river!

If you want to surround yourself with nature and culture, the Loboc River Cruise is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Bohol!

Where to experience it

From Tagbilaran City, traveling to the port where you can take the Loboc River Cruise will take around 45 minutes. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province, many tours that take you around Bohol will include the Loboc River Cruise in its itinerary.

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