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Mapisi Rock

The Philippines has no shortage of exquisite views of the sea, and Ilocos Sur is no exception. As it is bordered by the West Philippine Sea, it has several seaside attractions across the province. One of its more famous destinations is Mapisi Rock, which is also called “Biak na Bato.”

As described by its name—mapisi is an Ilocano word meaning “to cut”—Mapisi Rock is a towering formation that has been cut in the middle by natural forces. The result is a very unique vantage point that lets you be surrounded by jaw-dropping rock formations and gives you a unique view of the sea.

What to expect

When you arrive at the site, Mapisi Rock will be surrounded by a long white-sand beach, already giving you a glimpse of the incredible views you’ll find within the formation. You’ll also find various other smaller rock formations in the surrounding area.

From afar, Mapisi Rock serves as a towering structure looming over the whole beach. You’ll also notice several trees that have turned the top of the rocks into their home, adding even more to the site’s natural wonder.

Your experience won’t be complete without setting foot in between the two rocks. Surround yourself with Mapisi Rock’s towering structures, and treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime view of the clear blue sea. You wouldn’t want to miss getting a photo!

Where to experience it

If you’re coming from Vigan, it will take you around an hour to get to the municipality of Santiago. Once there, you’ll be able to hire a tricycle that will take you to Mapisi Rock, which is around 15 kilometers away from the town proper.

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