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Sand Dunes

While the Philippines is world-famous for its white-sand beaches, Ilocos Norte puts a twist on the white-sand experience with its sprawling sand dunes. Spanning hundreds of square kilometers across Ilocos Norte, these sand dunes are a favorite of adventurous tourists who want to feel the rush!

What to expect

There are two popular destinations in Ilocos Norte for those looking for sand dune adventures. One is the La Paz Sand Dunes, which is located in the capital city of Laoag, while the other is the Paoay Sand Dunes in the nearby municipality of Paoay.

No matter which one you visit, you can expect a thrilling experience only Ilocos Norte could offer! Once you get to the sand dunes, you go onboard a 4x4 vehicle with a professional driver, the uneven terrain of the dunes being an amusement park for the vehicle. In the middle of the ride, many tourists also try their hand at sandboarding, which is exactly what you think it is–riding down the sandy cliffs like you would ride the ocean’s waves!

When you visit Ilocos Norte, make sure you add these sand dunes to your itinerary. They provide a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Where to experience it

The La Paz Sand Dunes are already within Laoag City, and you can get there within 10-15 minutes from the city proper. Meanwhile, the Paoay Sand Dunes are a half-hour trip if you’re coming from Laoag.

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