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Syquia Mansion

Of the many historical landmarks you can find within Vigan, one that stands out above the rest is the Syquia Mansion. Once resided by the Syquia family, with one of its members marrying former Philippine president and Vigan native Elpidio Quirino, the Syquia Mansion has since been transformed into a public museum, displaying not only the various artifacts owned by the family and the late president, but also an architectural marvel that best encapsulates Vigan’s unique charm.

What to expect

As an ancestral home turned museum, Syquia Mansion gives its visitors a rare glimpse into high-society Vigan life during the 1800s. Everything you see within the house tells a story over a century old, from its heirlooms to its holes.

Even before you enter, Syquia Mansion is already a treat for history and architecture buffs. The stone exterior’s design has been preserved for over a century, making it a true artifact from the Spanish colonial period. Those architectural feats extend to its interiors, with its unique stone walls and windows decorated with shells.

Entering its doors is like traveling back in time, as you’ll see dozens of artifacts, paintings, and furniture around the mansion. From the horse-drawn carriage right at the entrance to the family portraits painted by Fernando Amorsolo, one of the country’s national artists, the Syquia Mansion has a lot to offer!

Where to experience it

Syquia Mansion can be found in Vigan, being close by to other popular tourist attractions within the city such as Calle Crisologo and the Dancing Fountain. Many whole-day tours that take you around Vigan will include a visit to Syquia Mansion in their itineraries.

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