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North of El Nido, we find the charming Coron for travelers that prefer a relaxed, small-town vibe. Disconnected from the main island of Palawan, Coron managed to keep its natural wonders secret from the world much longer than its larger, more popular sibling, El Nido. But little by little, more and more travelers like you are discovering its crystalline lakes, enticing lagoons, and clear, calm, enchanting dive spots that make for an unforgettable travel experience!

What to expect when you're there: A group of islands found north of Palawan’s main island, Coron has managed to keep its small-town charm while cheerfully catering to the growing number of travelers excited to explore what Coron has to offer. Proud of its calmer and more tranquil vibe as compared to El Nido and Puerto Princesa City, Coron offers 50 island choices for you to relax in and devour nature’s splendor. Expect Palawan’s signature limestone cliffs and clear, calm seas, and stretches of white sand; but also the cleanest lake in Asia, hidden lagoons, and some of the best, most impressive wreck diving spots!

How to get there: There are flights from Manila or from Puerto Princesa to Coron.

As Coron is a group of islands, any land travel from the main island of Palawan will have to end in El Nido, where you can take a ferry to Coron.

There are small, wooden ferries that take about 8 hours or the faster, air-conditioned ferries, which will only take about 5 hours. There are also options to rent a boat or book a special tour that takes you island hopping from El Nido to Coron, which comes highly recommended for travelers looking to experience the authentic island life!

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