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La Trinidad

Take off from the chartered city of Baguio and venture into La Trinidad, the capital of the Benguet Province. A stretch of flat land full of produce and — of course! — strawberry fields, La Trinidad is a charming snapshot of life in a mountain town in the Philippines!

What to expect when you’re there

La Trinidad was named after the wife of the Spanish conquistador, Commandante de Galvey who was the first Spaniard to get a foothold on the Cordillera region in 1846, after years of failed attempts. This precious spot of fertile land was made the capital of Benguet Province to this day.

If you are to ask locals about La Trinidad today, they would probably point you to the strawberry fields. Highly uncommon in the Philippines, these strawberries are sought-after and incorporated into many desserts and dishes in Baguio’s many restaurants. Even the traditional taho is given a strawberry twist by the street vendors! All these delicious red berries are from La Trinidad’s Strawberry Farm, where you can go on a quick tour and pick your own delightful fruits!

Another landmark sight in La Trinidad? The colorful houses of the StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork, made up of the Stonehill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap Sitios in Barangan Balili. The community and a number of volunteers painted almost 200 houses with colorful colors, to give the hillside an iconic pop!

How to get there

La Trinidad is a 30 minute car ride from Baguio City. There are buses, jeepneys, and tour operators that ply this route

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