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Makati City

Credits to: Eric Beltran

Dubbed as the “Financial Capital of the Philippines,” Makati is a highly-urbanized powerhouse located northeast of Metro Manila. Its proud Makatizens call this place home where the hustle and bustle brings the city to life. From the towering skyscrapers that house the corporate world to the bold architecture of museums and entertainment centers, work and play are in perfect harmony in Makati.

What to expect when you're there:

Makati is a must-visit for city-lovers, art connoisseurs, and savvy shoppers.

Upon arriving at the city, visitors can immediately feel the buzz of the Makati Central Business District (CBD) which is home to the headquarters of major corporations, embassies, and local affairs units. The skyscrapers along Ayala Avenue are situated very close to each other so this area of Makati can get very busy during the rush hour (between 6 to 8AM and 5 to 8PM). Walking is the ideal way to get around since parking spaces are hard to come by on the weekdays, when offices are full of life.

Despite the abundance of towering skyscrapers, Makati is truly an urban jungle with pockets of green spaces. Visitors can enjoy both a high-end shopping experience and a serene walk along an enclosed park all within the same vicinity!

Credits to: Marc Go

The Makati Skyline is a sight not to be missed! Plan ahead to catch the best view whether admiring this beauty during the day or night. Many rooftop bars and restaurants offer scenic landscape views of Makati.

Night owls can revel in the electric nightlife and diverse culinary delights that the neighborhood of Poblacion (also known as Old Town) offers. This area welcomes both the young and young-at-heart! Whether you’re looking to splurge on a fancy drink or wanting a relaxed outdoor ambience, Poblacion offers something for everyone.

The vast range of accommodation options and shopping centers in Makati delights both the budget-conscious individual and those seeking to splurge. Check out the old-style architecture and modern glamour of the different hotels along this area.

Foodies unite at the weekend food markets in Salcedo and Legaspi Villages where their taste buds are treated to a mix of Asian, Western, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

How to get there:

Given its central location in Metro Manila, there are many ways to get to Makati.

The city is accessible by either taxi/private ride sharing, bus, or train.

  • For buses: You can choose to take a public bus that travels through Ayala Avenue or the Premium P2P (point-to-point) buses. Both options are convenient because of the many drop-off and pick-up terminals around Makati.

  • For trains: This is the cheapest option to get to Makati which travels through EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) and stops at the Ayala Station. However, it can get very crowded especially during the rush hour (before and after office hours).

  • For taxis/cabs: There is an abundance of regular-metered taxis all over Metro Manila.

  • For private ride-sharing apps/through carpooling: If you opt for a quick ride minus the long queues, try ride-sharing applications which have transportation options for both a regular car or a motorcycle. If you know a local or have friends heading a similar route, carpooling is also a good idea. (And bonus points for saving the environment too!)

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