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Tam-awan Village

Baguio is now known to have a thriving art scene, which bloomed in the city during the seventies. But even before the art-boom, weaves and wooden carvings have already been part of the Cordillera culture! Learn about the native tribes of the Cordillera region and marvel at how their art has evolved in the Tam-awan Village.

What to expect

The Cordillera Region is the largest in the Philippines and quite unique, being the only land-locked area in the country of over 7,000 islands! Known for its mountain ranges, the Cordillera region is also home to nine ethno-linguistic groups or tribes. At the Tam-awan Village, you learn about their unique culture and way of life!

Whether transported from other villages or constructed with the local and traditional materials, the various wooden huts in Tam-awan Village shows you the similarities and differences of the various tribes and gives you a glimpse into their simple life. You can even book a night in a hut and experience the tribal life in the Philippine mountains!

For art enthusiasts, the village has an art gallery named “Bugnay” that showcases the colorful creations of local artists. You might even be able to get yourself painted during your visit! You can also sip a cup of local brew in their coffee shop and marvel at the lush view.

It may be important to note that Tam-awan is an open-air village so it is not advisable to visit during the rainy season… unless you have your rain gear ready!

How to get there

Tam-awan Village is a 15 to 20 minute drive from Baguio’s city center, located in a barangay named Pinsao Proper.

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