A Soulful Escape to the Mountain City of Pines

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Oct 09, 2020

With its colorful market and street scenes, a cool breeze, and lush, green pine trees, it’s no wonder Baguio is a favorite escape from the country’s intense summer heat, giving the city the nickname “Summer Capital of the Philippines”.

Here, you can tuck your swimsuit away and put on some warmer clothes as you stroll through Burnham Park and try the signature strawberry taho and juicy sweet corn. Walk through the lively city market and sample the freshest fruits, bargain for the country’s best veggies, and even try some Philippine street food like kwik-kwik or day old chick! What you’ll quickly find is a soulful city over a backdrop of mountain views and pines--a destination of choice for travelers in search of a retreat and artists in need of inspiration.

Start your day with a brimming cup of Sagada coffee then get lost in Baguio’s winding streets lined with cafes, restaurants, bookstores, museums, and interesting vintage shops. Spend the afternoon surrounded by local art at any of its museums and let the paintings and sculptures fire up your creative juices. Cap off your day with one, two, or more glasses of freshly-brewed beer in the city’s craft brewery.

May it be a weekend or a month long escape, this lively and soulful city is always worth the visit!

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