Baguio City: From Rubble to Retreat-Destination

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Oct 28, 2020

The Baguio we know today is a charming mountain city filled with colorful shops and friendly smiles greeting you in every turn, embraced by calming pines and a cool breeze that calls for tsokolate tablea (Filipino Hot Chocolate).

But did you know that this retreat-destination suffered a terrible tragedy and rebuilt itself from rubble?

On the fateful afternoon of July 16, 1990, Baguio City was caught off-guard by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Northern and Central Philippines taking down churches, hotels, and even schools. Baguio was the hardest hit city by the earthquake, which took over a thousand lives.

After days of rescue efforts and nights without a place to call home, Baguio’s residents used their grief to create hope. The community took in its hands the city’s ascension to bring back Baguio’s clean and green environment - the City of Pines as we know it today. Improved earthquake control and protocols, as well as efforts to educate the public, have also been implemented across its communities.

Today, we can hardly see the damage, but it lives in the hearts of Baguio’s residents, in the city’s history, and within its cozy structures. With this in mind, there is a newfound appreciation for long walks through Baguio’s winding streets--and for the historical attractions that have stood the test of time.

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