Let Baguio’s Pine Trees Embrace You in a Nature Trek!

Travel Philippines

Oct 28, 2020

Aside from its cool breeze and strawberry taho, Baguio City is also known for its unique natural landscape. Because of its below average temperatures, aside from the usual narra trees that can be found in every part of the country, here you can abundantly see spiny pine trees.

One of the best ways to experience these pine trees is by walking through a nature trail. Being situated on top of a mountain means that Baguio City is a great playground for hikers, trekkers, and other adventurous explorers who want to escape into nature. Many of these trails are also very accessible to tourists who simply want a leisurely walk across Baguio’s pine trees.

It’s a great opportunity for birdwatchers and photographers, too! While on a trail, you’ll often hear several birds flying by, or occasionally see one perched atop a branch to say hello.

So if you want to see Baguio in a different light, try walking through its nature trails and let yourself be embraced by its natural beauty.

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