Safely Reopening Metro Manila Tourism: What to know before you go

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Oct 27, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Metro Manila open to tourists?

  • Metro Manila is under ECQ or Enhanced Community Quarantine from March 29 - April 4, 2021. No leisure tourism is allowed.

What do I need to secure or do before traveling to Metro Manila? Please list every requirement I should have with me before I travel to Metro Manila. And if I'm required to submit a document, can I submit a scanned copy only or do I have to bring the original hard copies?

  • Tourists from other regions are not allowed to enter Metro Manila. Entering Metro Manila is only allowed for the following:
  1. Locally Stranded Individuals (requires travel Pass / travel authority from PNP; medical certificate from City or Municipal Health Office supported by Barangay Certificate)
  2. Overseas Filipino Workers (requires Bureau of Quarantine Certificate and Medical Test Result; ID as proof of residence)
  3. Authorized Person Outside of Residence (requires Company ID or Employment Certificate)

It is better to bring the original, hard copies of the requirements for easy presentation. Airlines require an advanced copy.

If I’m not a Covid-19 carrier, should I wear a face mask with face shield wherever I go?

  • Yes, including public transportation and in work places. All establishments have also adopted the “NO FACE MASK AND FACE SHIELD, NO ENTRY” policy.

What transportation systems are available to use?

  • All modes of transportation are now operational including GRAB.

If I'm about to leave Metro Manila, what are the steps I must follow?

  • One has to check with the airline and the final destination in terms of additional requirements (i.e., letter of acceptance from the LGU) prior to departure.

Will I be tested again prior to departing Metro Manila? If yes, where and how will I get tested? How much?

  • Test requirements depend on the final LGU destination. For testing, DOH carries a list of accredited testing facilities while airlines have partnered with testing centers for the COVID-19 test. Price range varies depending on where one gets it and in terms of the speed of test result issuance.

Is there a way for me to get a free RT-PCR test before my departure?

  • RT-PCR test is not free. However, some LGUs in Metro Manila provide it for free but need prior coordination to get one.

Is there an emergency facility in Metro Manila in case I catch COVID-19 in the middle of my trip for some unknown reason? If yes, what is the first number that I should call for assistance?

  • COVID-19 Hotline is 02-894-COVID (02-894-26843) and 1555

If I catch COVID-19 in Metro Manila, will the local government pay for my hospital bills?

  • No. Unless you stay in a government isolation facility, but this is highly dependent on the level of your case. Only mild and asymptomatic individuals are accepted in this facility. If it gets worse, then one has to be admitted to a hospital.

How often does Metro Manila test its tourism service providers?

  • Tourism frontliners undergo RT-PCR swabbing on a regular basis to ensure that they remain healthy and safe while on duty. At least twice a month, our tourism frontliners are subjected to RT-PCR swabbing.

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