Safely Reopening Boracay Tourism: What to know before you go

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Oct 27, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Please specify which tourists can only enter Boracay. For instance, is it only open to residents of Luzon?

  • Effective 01 October 2020, Boracay Island may accept tourists from areas with a community quarantine classification of General Community Quarantine or lower, apart from travelers from Western Visayas.

What do I need to secure or do before traveling to Boracay? Please list every requirement I should have with me before I travel to Boracay. And if I'm required to submit a document, can I submit a scanned copy only or do I have to bring the original hard copies?

  • Negative RT-PCR test result, 72 hours (from the extraction date) prior to travel
  • Hotel booking confirmation voucher from a DOT-accredited accommodation establishment issued with Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO)
  • Valid ID showing proof of residence in an area under GCQ or MGCQ
  • Roundtrip flight/travel details
  • Completion of Online Health Declaration Form from Please see the direct link HERE.

Am I required to book an accommodation first before entering Boracay?

  • Yes. Hotel confirmation from a DOT-accredited accommodation establishment issued with Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO).

Do I need to book through a travel agency/tour operator when traveling to Boracay? What if I just want to walk and relax in the area without following an itinerary or taking a tour?

  • No, you can stroll freely in the area, given that you follow the safety guidelines mandated.

Upon arriving in Boracay, am I supposed to get another RT-PCR test?

  • No, this is not required.

If yes, how and where can I get this? Who will shoulder the expenses?

  • The Test-Before-Travel requirement shall be implemented, whereby only those travelers who obtain a negative Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction test result taken not earlier than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the date of travel, shall be allowed to travel to the tourist destination. In addition, travelers shall be strongly advised to observe strict quarantine immediately after undergoing the test until the date of travel to the island.

Whether or not the LGU administers an RT-PCR test to the arriving tourist, should I still quarantine in my hotel for a number of days before going out? If yes and during the quarantine period, will the accommodation, food and other necessities be covered by the tourists or will the hotel or LGU take care of the expenses?

  • No, self-quarantine is not required of tourists when they arrive in Boracay Island.

If I’m not a Covid-19 carrier and already allowed to go out in Boracay, should I wear a face mask with face shield wherever I go?

  • Wearing of face mask and strict observance of physical distancing is required when you are in Boracay. Wearing of face shield is only mandatory when you are commuting / aboard a public transport.

Am I allowed to go anywhere I want or do I have to secure a travel pass/permit whenever I head out of the hotel or when I book a tour?

  • You are allowed to go anywhere you want and travel pass/permit is not required, but take note that not all areas in the island are currently accessible.

Will I be tested again prior to departing Boracay? If yes, where and how will I get tested? How much?

  • No, this is not required.

Is there an emergency facility in Boracay in case I catch COVID-19 in the middle of my trip for some unknown reason? If yes, what is the first number that I should call for assistance?

  • You can call Boracay’s CoVID-19 Hotline (Ciriaco S. Tirol Hospita)l: 152

Is there an age restriction for tourists entering Boracay?

  • Age restrictions for this purpose shall be relaxed. Restrictions as to persons with comorbidities will be strictly enforced.

Are those with comorbidities allowed to enter Boracay?

  • Restrictions as to persons with comorbidities will be strictly enforced.

Is there a specific number of days required for me to stay as a tourist in Boracay?

  • There is none.

Are all children, despite of age, required to undergo the RT-PCR test prior to entering Boracay?

  • Yes, regardless of age.

Who will shoulder the tests prior to traveling?

  • The tourist will shoulder the tests.

Can I book an Airbnb or does my accommodation have to be DOT accredited?

  • Only DOT accredited establishments are allowed to operate at the moment.

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